Shipping Point Vegetable Report, Import s - Miami, FL

MIAMI Shipping Point Prices as of 15-APR-2024 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News Service, USDA. Phone: (305) 373-2955 Fax: (305) 373-3565 Prices represent open (spot) market sales by first handlers on product of generally good quality and condition unless otherwise stated and may include promotional allowances or other incentives. No consideration is given to after-sale adjustments unless otherwise stated. Reported prices generally include, but are not limited to, applicable brokerage fees and commissions, Customs fees and duties, U.S. packaging and U.S. freight costs prior to first sale, paid by the shipper/seller. Delivered Sales, Shipping Point Basis excludes all charges for freight after sale. MH_FV121 Linhares,Brazil Mostly Sunny 73- 89F 23- 32C Guapiles, Costa Rica Mostly Cloudy 69- 89F 21- 32C Huehuetenango, Guatemala Sunny 51- 85F 11- 29C Santo Domingo, DN, Dominican Rep. Mostly Cloudy 73- 87F 23- 31C San Pedro Sula, Honduras Mostly Sunny 74- 90F 23- 32C Ica, Peru Cloudy 65- 85F 18- 29C Trujillo, La Libertad Peru Cloudy 66- 76F 19- 24C Miami, FL Partly Sunny 70- 80F 21- 27C Philadelphia, PA Mostly Cloudy 49- 81F 9- 27C Newark, New Jersey Sunny 50- 80F 10- 27C Long Beach, CA Cloudy 51- 67F 11- 19C Galveston, TX Mostly Cloudy 72- 77F 22- 25C CENTRAL AMERICA IMPORTS - PORTS OF ENTRY SOUTH FLORIDA Sales F.O.B. Shipping Point and/or Delivered Sales, Shipping Point Basis VEGETABLES 2023 Season ---BEANS: SUPPLY MODERATE. DEMAND MODERATE. MARKET LOWER. GUATEMALA. Via Air and By Boat. Wide range in quality, condition and price. 5 lb cartons bagged Haricot Vert (French Type) 6.75-10.00 mostly 8.00-8.75 occasional higher Clipped 7.75-10.00 mostly 9.00-10.00 occasional higher ---OKRA: SUPPLY FAIRLY LIGHT. DEMAND GOOD. MARKET HIGHER. HONDURAS. By Boat, occasional Via Air. Wide range in quality and condition. 1/2 bushel cartons med-lge 20.00-24.00 mostly 20.00-22.00 few 25.00 via air 22.50-26.00 Indian type 20.00-24.00 mostly 20.00-22.00 few 25.00 via air 24.00 ---PEAS GREEN: SUPPLY SNOW PEAS LIGHT, SUGAR SNAP PEAS VERY LIGHT. DEMAND SUGAR SNAP PEAS VERY GOOD, SNOW PEAS GOOD. MARKET SLIGHTLY HIGHER. GUATEMALA. Via Air and By Boat. Wide range in quality and price. 10 lb cartons Snow Peas Decalyxed 13.00-16.00 mostly 14.00-15.00 occasional higher and lower Sugar Snap Peas Decalyxed 24.00-28.00 mostly 26.00-28.00 few 28.75 occasional higher